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Anxiety is a symptom of excessive stress. It is a complex feeling of apprehension, fear and worry. 


It is often accompanied by pulmonary, cardiac and other physical sensations. The stress that causes anxiety can be either physical or perceived stress, but either way it can be extremely frightening and debilitating. It is characterised by muscle tension, increased heart rate, palpitations, trembling, sweating, impaired concentration, sighing, excessive worry and even a sense of impending doom.


The stress response is characterised by the rapid activation of the sympathetic nervous system ( the fight or flight response ) which leads to enhanced vigilance, alertness, arousal and attention. Our bodies are not designed to stay in this frame of mind for long periods of time. We need to allow our bodies to switch to the parasympathetic nervous system, where we can relax, rest, repair and recover.

Heidi has great experience over the years helping people with their anxiety. Naturopathic treatment aims to restore nutritional and dietary deficiencies that may me contributing to the feelings of anxiety. Herbal medicine can also be extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety and bring relief fairly quickly. Come in and see Heidi to work on a plan to treat your Anxiety today.

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