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A few kind words


When I first came to see Heidi I had no idea what a naturopath did or whether it was a pathway that could help me, but I was at the end of the line and my health mental and physical health was deteriorating and no doctor was able to help, so I had nothing to lose and I haven’t looked back since.


Heidi was the godsend I was looking for, she sat with me and went through every point of concern, where I would normally feel crazy trying to explain this to someone else, she clicked and automatically knew that something wasn’t right! I’ve never had someone have so much knowledge and love for her job and care for genuinely helping her patients.


She has educated me, healed me and brought me back from a tough place one I thought I’d never get through. She’s the best decision
I have made for my health and anyone that gets a chance to work with her an opportunity to be one of her patients will have the best of the best!

— Karlee


Heidi is an outstanding Naturopath and I would recommend anyone employing her services.

Over the past two years Heidi has worked with me to improve my digestion system after I contracted a parasite overseas and had to have a fecal implantation to remove the parasite from my system.


After that surgery I was living at about 80% health and thought that was the level of health I would have to live at for the rest of my life. Heidi has worked tirelessly over the past two years to breakdown all my issues and helped me achieve 100% health, which I never thought would be possible. To this day I still meet with Heidi regularly to discuss any health issues and ensure my health is on the right track. 

— Phillip


Heidi has helped me reach my health goals. Since starting consultation with her nearly 12 months ago, I have achieved increased health and wellbeing.


This has been proven in blood test benchmarking between when I started, midway and today. I now feel confident I have set myself up for my best health as I approach my 50’s and beyond. Heidi’s approach is research and data based, she applies medical logic to health challenges that make practical sense.

— Leanne


Heidi is the most caring and understanding person in natural health. She really listens to your problems and addresses them thoroughly.


I have been seeing Heidi for a few years now and I would not go anywhere else. She has also healed my son’s digestion and other issues. I would highly recommend a visit to her as she will change your life for the better. I have never felt better. I promise its worth it and you won’t regret it.

— Jackie


I first approached Heidi in 2018, when I was struggling with a SIBO diagnosis. SIBO is not easy to eradicate and comes along with some debilitating symptoms.

I saw many doctors and gut specialists, but besides antibiotics was given little guidance. I felt like a patient on a conveyer belt....and resorted to google searches in hope of some better adapted solutions to deal with persistent symptoms. After two rounds of antibiotics, despite no prior experience with naturopathy, I started looking at alternative treatments.

Heidi took the time to understand what I was going through. She looked at the illness holistically. Most importantly, she took the stress off my shoulders and devised a step by step plan - I no longer needed to rely on google - and it worked!! Heidi is understanding and deeply cares about the treatment outcome. Thanks to Heidi I am SIBO free and have my life back. I highly recommend her.

— Anika


I first came to see Heidi after being recommended by a friend. I was dealing with lots of issues such as bloating, digestion issues and hormonal imbalance. She was super supportive and really listened to all of my issues and broke down the steps we will do to fix it! She was so helpful and answered all my questions in every appointment as well as addressing and fixing each of my problems one by one! I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone, she is such a lovely person and an amazing naturopath!

— Natalie


I have suffered from eczema for 20 years and it never really got better. The amount of steroid creams ruined my skin and my system.


I saw Heidi every few months for the past year and a half and she has truly helped my eczema heal and manageable. Through an intolerance test I found foods that I should be avoiding. I had insomnia and intense anxiety which she completely guided me through - she explained to my how the adrenal system works and put me on a new nutrition and supplement plan. Within days I was sleeping properly and less anxious.


I cannot recommend Heidi enough. Just being in her gentle presence is therapeutic! Thank you Heidi.

— Jason


I have known Heidi for a few years now and I have found her to be an extremely knowledgeable and passionate professional who focuses on providing an individualised treatment plan to her patients. 


She genuinely cares for her patients and has a true passion for Naturopathy and the health and wellbeing of her patients and this clearly shines through every appointment I have had with her. Heidi has such a gentle, attentive and compassionate personality and I always leave every appointment feeling supported and cared for and positive about my treatment goals. 


I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who would like a practitioner who is willing to go the extra mile to investigate and treat the root cause of your concerns in a non-judgemental and kind-hearted way. She truely is a gem and I am so blessed to have her in my corner.

— Jacinta


Heidi changed my life. I had a bad dermatologist and that’s when the girl who worked there suggested I see Heidi.


Thats when it all changed. Within a month of seeing her, I had no new breakouts. I had anxiety issues too, almost all my adult life, but after meeting Heidi, that changed too. I haven’t had any anxiety attacks for the past 2 years. She was so intuitive and assured me that it was all going to be good. My skin cleared, my mind was calmer and above all I fell pregnant so easily.


I highly recommend her to any one who is going through any health issue physically or mentally. I believe she can help anyone be the best version of themselves.

— Sakshi


My experience with Heidi has been exceptional from the beginning. Her warm and enthusiastic approach to wellness has been so motivating, with me leaving every session well informed and prepared to address specific areas I am addressing (including digestion, hormone balance and general health for someone on a vegan diet) Her personable disposition has been an integral part of my naturopathy journey, and I can safely say I wouldn't have felt half as well as I do now if it weren't for the support and expertise of Heidi.

— Madeleine

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