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About Heidi Cummins

Clinical Naturopath

Heidi is a passionate and committed Naturopath currently practising in the Sydney CBD and online. She graduated from the prestigious Southern School Of Natural Therapies in 2000 with a Bachelor of Health Science ( Naturopathy ) which is the highest qualification awarded in this industry. She is a registered practitioner under the Australian Natural Therapists Association ( A.N.T.A. )


For the past two decades she has been working tirelessly with her patients to help them regain their health. This often involves a process of thorough case taking, diagnostic testing, collaboration with other health professionals and a very high level of care and compassion.

Heidi loves combining the age-old Naturopathic principles of holistic care and supporting the body’s ability to heal…..with modern diagnostic testing and the latest innovations in nutritional and medicinal supplements.

Heidi enjoys not only the process of alleviating and correcting any current health issues, but also the educational aspect of empowering patients to maintain their health well into the future.   

Discover True Health

Clinical Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine - Online appointments
About Heidi
Why Naturopathy

What is Naturopathy?

The guiding principles of Naturopathy are to encourage the body’s inherent ability to heal, by removing the obstacles to health.  

The practitioner’s role is to look for the root causes of the presenting health condition and to treat these, rather than just treating the symptoms. The practitioner will look at the whole person by investigating all the body systems to see which ones need support.  

The treatment will be individualised for each patient. An initial consult will include thorough questioning and further testing, if needed, to formulate a plan.   This plan will be based upon the goals of the patient and also what they are capable of taking on in a flexible and supportive environment. 


“I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who would like a practitioner who is willing to go the extra mile to investigate and treat the root cause of your concerns in a non-judgemental and kind-hearted way. She truely is a gem and I am so blessed to have her in my corner. ”

— Jacinta —

Allergies and Intolerances 

Allergies arise when the immune system becomes reactive to certain substances.
These substances can be inhaled, contacted by touch or eaten. Intolerances are also immune system reactions, but they tend to exhibit a more delayed response. 

Conditions Treated

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